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    Pesticide Resistance Management: Understanding Resistance Mechanisms
  • animation thumbnails
    Pesticide Resistance Management- Insects: Biological and Ecological Factors Affecting Development
    Interactive learning activity on Pesticide Resistance Management - Insects: Biological Factors Affecting Development
  • animation thumbnails
    Corn Rootworm Lifecycle and Bt
    This animation shows the lifecycle of the corn rootworm, as well as showing what happens when corn rootworm larvae consume roots containing Bt.
  • animation thumbnails
    ECB and Bt
    This animation shows how Bt causes death in the European corn borer (ECB).
  • animation thumbnails
    ECB Generation map
    The generation map shows the different regions of the United States and how many European corn borer generations occur in each.
  • animation thumbnails
    ECB Lifecycle
    This animation goes through the life cycle of the European corn borer.
  • animation thumbnails
    ECB Movement map
    The animation shows how the European corn borer moved across the United States from east to west.
  • animation thumbnails
    Herbicide Uptake by Leaves and Cells
    This animation describes how herbicides are taken up by leaves and illustrates how physico-chemical characteristics alter their movement across cuticles. Passive and active mechanisms of herbicide absorption across plant membranes into cells are shown as well.
  • animation thumbnails
    Herbicide Uptake by Roots
    This animation shows how herbicides are taken up by roots and illustrates the path an herbicide takes across the root to reach the vascular system of the plant.
  • animation thumbnails
    Overall Picture of Auxinic Herbicide Action
    This animation summarizes how auxin and auxinic herbicides may turn on certain genes and how those gene products may alter plant growth.
  • animation thumbnails
    Overview of Crop Genetic Engineering
    A general look at the process of crop genetic engineering. This is the first of a series of seven animations that detail the process of crop genetic engineering. The six lessons after this are DNA and DNA Extraction, Gene Cloning, Gene Regions, Gene Modification, Gene Gun, and Backcross Breeding.
  • animation thumbnails
    Population Dynamics of Palmer Amaranth
    This animation examines several states of a weed species during the growing season and studies the transitions that occur between each state.
  • animation thumbnails
    Refuge Designs with YieldGard Rootworm Corn
    This animation discusses the importance of Insect Resistance Management (IRM) and illustrates different field refuge designs.
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    Resistencia a los Herbicidas
    Ilustra cómo ocurre la selección por resistencia a los herbicidas.

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