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  • Community of Plant and Soil Sciences Education/Teachers
    Martha Mamo University of Nebraska-Lincoln
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  • NAIPSC Web Course
    Steve Young
    2014 NAIPSC Web Course Welcome! You're here to participate in the NAIPSC WC, which was held January 22-23 online. Since you will be viewing the archived sessions, your only method for interacting is through email that is sent to a particular instructor. This course has been approved for CEUs and CCA credits. Please contact Steve Young ( for more information. It is our intention that by making this information avaiable online that you can continue to learn about how to better manage invasive plants by incorporating the latest techniques from some of the most knowledgeable individuals. Below you will find a detailed agenda, sessions, instructor email addresses, and a copy of the chat from the discussion that was posted throughout the 2 day course. If you have any questions or problems, please let me know.   Click here for the 2014 NAIPSC Web Course Agenda     Day 1:   Welcome and Introduction - Steve Young, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Steve's email:   Principle of Invasive Plant Management - Stephen Enloe, Auburn University (Stephen's email:   Basics of Plant ID - John Kartesz, Biota of North America Project, and Steve Young (John's email:   Mapping Invasive Plants - Lisa Rew, Montana State University (Lisa's email:   Database Options for Invasive Plants – Chuck Bargeron, University of Georgia (Chuck's email:   Day 1 Question & Answer Session - All Instructors from Day 1     Day 2:   Review of Day 1 and Intro Day 2 - Steve Young   Principles of Restoration - Jane Mangold, Montana State University (Jane's email:   Opportunities for Eradication - Stephen Enloe   Herbicide Mode of Action and Uptake - Roger Becker, University of Minnesota, (Roger's email:   Stressing Invasive Plants - Steve Young   Demonstrating EDRR - Chuck Bargeron   Day 2 Question & Answer and Program Wrap-up - All Instructors   Click here for a copy of the chat that occurred during the entire two-day course.  

    Contents of this Community may be viewed only after joining. A joining request requires approval by the Community owner before access is provided.
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    Lipid Peroxidation
    Shows the process of lipid peroxidation and the resulting membrane destruction.
  • animation thumbnails
    Pesticide Resistance Management- Insects: Biological and Ecological Factors Affecting Development
    Interactive learning activity on Pesticide Resistance Management - Insects: Biological Factors Affecting Development
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    Gel Scoring
    This interactive animation provides an opportunity to practice scoring an electrophoresis gel.
Featured Lessons
  • Analysis of Augmented Block Design Using R Part 3: Analyzing Treatments as Random Effects Ashu Guru University of Nebraska Raikes School Deana Namuth-Covert University of Nebraska Dept of Agronomy and Horticulture 2014 When planning any science research project to gain information for a particular goal or objective, much thought is placed into what is called the experimental design or layout of the experiment. This is important to ensure the researcher is able to obtain useful data which can later be analyzed and provide information as to whether or not the scientific hypothesis being tested is supported or rejected.  In this eLesson series we will look at a plant breeding experiment which uses the Augmented Design and utilize tools in R to analyze the data.      
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  • Kid Quiz, Horticulture A brief elementary school level quiz on horticulture.
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  • Erosion Soil erosion is a global problem. Each year, erosion costs billions of dollars in loss of land productivity, damage from soil sediment deposition and subsequent restoration costs, and harm to plant, a...
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  • Module 1: Basic Biotechnology An introduction to traditional cross-breeding and genetic engineering of plants, and to biotechnology.  
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  • Introduction to Biofuel: Perennial Grasses as a Feedstock
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author picture Stephen Young Instructor
Director, Insectary/Blauvelt Lab
Cornell University
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