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Factors Contributing to Water and Wind Erosion of Soil


By the end of this section the student/user will be able to:
Identify and analyze factors contributing to water and wind erosion of soil
Accompanying Exercise: (For students to print off, complete, and turn in for a grade)
Factors Contributing to Water and Wind Erosion of Soil- Exercise (pdf)

Climate, soil properties, vegetation, soil cover, and land management practices are factors that influence both water and wind erosion. Soil surface roughness, unsheltered distance, and wind velocity and turbulence are additional factors influencing wind erosion, and topography is an additional factor influencing water erosion.

Factors Influencing Erosion
Water Erosion
Wind Erosion
soil properties: aggregation /soil moisture
soil properties
soil cover
soil cover
land management
land management
soil surface roughness
unsheltered distance
wind velocity and turbulence

The following six pages will discuss each of the factors contributing to water and wind erosion.


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