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Soils - Part 4: Soil pH

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Tisdale, S. L. and W. L. Nelson, Soil Fertility and Fertilizers, The MacMillan Co., 1966.

Charles Wortmann, Martha Mamo, and Charles Shapiro, Management Strategies to Reduce the Rate of Soil Acidification, University of Nebraska Extension NebGuide G03-1503-A.

Charles Wortmann, Martha Mamo, and Charles Shapiro, Lime Use for Soil Acidity Management, University of Nebraska Extension NebGuide G03-1504-A.

eLibrary Editor’s Note:  In the original 1999 Soils Home Study Course book, two publications are referenced under the section, 'To Lime or Not to Lime?':  NebGuide G74-153 (Frank, K.D. and Delno Knudsen, Understand Your Soil Test:  pH - Excess Lime - Lime Needs, University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension) and NebGuide G84-714 (Delno Knudsen, Estimating Ag Lime Quality, University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension).  Please be advised that these publications are no longer in print; and, therefore, have been replaced in this online lesson by the two more recent NebGuide issues listed above.


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