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Correlation Using the R Statistical Package - Part 1: An Introduction to the Canopy Spectral Reflectance (CSR) Experiment

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In this eLesson we introduced you to an experiment being conducted by our domain scientist, Sarah Grogan, who is recording Canopy Spectral Reflectance (CSR) data from the field.  Her a goal is to calculate correlations of Adjusted Yield with indices based upon the various wavelengths that are being measured from the field.
We now have a better understanding of how the data is being collected for the experiment, and how the data looks when it is received from the sensors and the data loggers. Finally, we looked at a few indices e.g. Water Index (WI),  Ratio vegetation index (RVI), etc. that are of interest to the scientist and related those to the data that is collected in the field.

We encourage you to find a problem in your domain and/or research that may be similar where you would like to calculate correlation values between data that you are collecting. 


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