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Correlation Using the R Statistical Package - Part 2: Data Preparation

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Data Files and The Text Editor

The majority of data loggers and sensors output their data in simple text file formats. This next discussion is targeted towards understanding two common formats - the CSV and the Tab delimited data.

A simple text editor is a very helpful utility (tool) to use while working on data analysis projects. It will help you when looking at the raw data In this discussion we will also review  a common text editor that you will find helpful for both a Windows and a Mac platform.

NOTE: You will notice that text editors may not have a filetype dropdown option "CSV" for saving the file. However you can always add ".csv" as the extension to the file name.


Data files presentation by Ashu Guru, Univ of Nebraska Raikes School. (2 mins)

[Download Video] (You may right click and save as)

Click here to download the PDF of slides used

Click here to download the CSV file used


Question : You should never try to open a comma or a tab delimited file with a text editor.



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