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Program Opportunities

      Since 2008, youth have participated in a comprehensive series of workshops throughout the year. Those who have attended learned not only the technical content related to cropping systems, but applied those concepts with hands-on activities or projects.

      Topics taught at each workshop include:

  • crop end uses,
  • agronomic-related careers,
  • crop growth, pest management,
  • irrigation management,
  • cropping systems,
  • tillage, etc.

      Each year, youth continue the CSI series learning about different topics and for previous participants, more in-depth information covered from the previous year’s sessions. 

      Youth involved in a Crop Science Investigation program experience the influence of science and technology on crop management through hands-on activities. One participant reported using science and technology in 4-H to “read the watermark sensors, calculate how much irrigation is necessary, and help my dad decide when to water the fields.” Another youth said that as a result of the CSI workshop series, he is now considering a major in agronomy.

      Fillmore County workshops are scheduled for June 14, June 22 and August 1st all starting at 9:00 a.m. at the Fillmore Central High School Ag Room.  To sign up, email Brandy VanDeWalle at

      A Jefferson County workshop will be held June 23rd starting at 10:00 a.m. To register, email Barb Schmidt at

      A series of Clay County workshops are held throughout the year as well. Contact Jennifer Rees at for more information and dates.

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