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NAIPSC Webinar Series

For NAIPSC Online Community members, the 2013-2014 NAIPSC Webinar Series had information on grassland invasions and microbial interactions, two invasive plant in riparian areas, and the Platte River Basin time lapse project. The second half of the 2013-2014 Series is about to begin (list below). If you are not an NAIPSC OC member, you need to register here and then click the NAIPSC Online Community member link on the left under Related Communites to sign up.


  • February 6 – Matt Chew, Arizona State University “How did weeds become invaders?” (Archived)
  • February 20 – Bill Rogers, Texas A&M University “Ecology and management of Chinese tallow in the southern US” (Archived)
  • March 4 – Jeremy James, University of California “Plant traits driving seedling establishment following invasive plant control” (Archived)
  • March 20 – Rod Lym, North Dakota State University “Leafy spurge and Canada thistle control with herbicides and effect on native forbs” (Archived)
  • April 3 – Diane Larson, USGS Northern Prairie “A weed is a weed is a...placeholder?  Toward a more nuanced approach to restoration and weed management." (Archived)
  • April 17 – Dirac Twidwell, University of Nebraska “Fire intensity and mortality thresholds – what is needed to achieve restoration objectives?” (Archived)
  • POSTPONED April 30 – Richard Mack, Washington State University “The case for eradication, not simply control, of invasive and potentially invasive species."
  • May 1 – Joseph Craine, Kansas State University “Drought tolerance in grasslands” (Archived)

*All webinars begin at noon (CST).

2012-2013 and 2013-2014 NAIPSC Webinar Series - archived and available to NAIPSC Online Community members

What did we hear about in the 2012-2013 and first half of the 2013-2014 Series?

  • Soil alterations related to plant invasions
  • Tamarix and Phragmites in riparian areas
  • Time lapse of the Platte River Basin
  • Managing invasive plants and using them for bioenergy
  • Invasive plant hybridization and genetics
  • Building capacity for EDRR and ways to involve stakeholders
  • Spatial distribution and predictability of invasive plant populations
  • Using computer software to identify invasive plants in North America
  • Large-scale restoration and the use of fire
  • Training livestock to selectively forage for invasive plants
  • A biocontrol update
  • Models for invasive plants
  • And MANY MORE!


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