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Below find the members of the TCAP Undergraduate community and some information about them and their projects.

Brakke, Mary
Education Specialist
University of Minnesota

I'm an instructor in the Department of Agronomy and Plant Genetics, University of Minnesota. My research background is in water stress physiology. I currently teach crop physiology and co-teach several other undergrad courses. I facilitate the TCAP Undergrad Community, an informal group in which students share their research experiences.



Namuth-Covert, Deana
Professor, Director of Online Education and Outreach, The Ohio State University; Agronomy & Horticulture Adjunct Professor, University of Nebraska

I am a I am the past Director of Plant and Soil Sciences eLibrary. I am now a Professor, and the Director of Online Education and Outreach, The Ohio State University. I grew up on a wheat farm in Nebraska, USA and have always loved working with agriculture. I also enjoy helping people learn more about plant science, especially genetics. After finishing my PhD, I had the amazing opportunity to live and work at the University of Helsinki in Finland.

Resendiz, Mariano
Undergraduate Research Assistant
University of California, Riverside

A specific Introgression from rye to wheat have been shown to improve root characteristics. Proper root architecture in crops hones in on water uptake and is of considerable benefit in areas of the world highly prone to drought. Wheat lines with and without the specific wheat-rye introgression and with introgressions from different rye sources will be studied with regard to their root architecture in artificial and natural environments. The general chromosome arm location of the responsible locus is known, but this is insufficient for gene identification. The project will focus on evaluating the phenotypes of these translocation lines to uncover allelic differences among seven rye sources of the same chromosome segment. Earlier experiments with a specific rye translocation have shown an overall increase of root biomass and other root parameters. Based on those results it is likely that allelic variation will be discovered for increased root biomass and other root traits. This will permit genetic mapping of the loci responsible for these traits and eventual cloning and identification of the responsible genes. Without allelic variation mapping cannot be performed and genes could only be found by blind luck. If rye introgressions into wheat produce favorable root phenotypes, areas around the world stricken with drought would be able increase wheat production.

Sherman, Jamie
Associate Professor
Montana State University

TCAP provides the opportunity to explore and develop new tools and procedures that will improve plant breeding efficacy and efficiency in an increasingly volatile environment. Most recently, I has been involved in genetic mapping of quantitative trait loci that control drought/heat tolerance, pest resistance and yield. A goal of mapping is to identify molecular markers for important traits to be used for selection. As one of the TCAP education coordinators, I hope that the TCAP will attract diverse students to plant sciences. I look forward to working with the TCAP students in this environment. We hope to build a sustainable collaborative plant breeder training network that will enhance the training of students in the future.

White, Michael
Undergraduate Student (Senior)
University of Minnesota

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