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Lessons - Transport
  • Foliar Absorption and Phloem Translocation Herbicides must be absorbed into plants in order to be effective. Herbicide absorption can occur through leaves, roots or both. The process by which herbicides kill weeds, called mode of action, requires herbicide absorption and may also require herbicide movement or translocation within the plant. Translocation means that the herbicide moves from the site of absorption to some other plant part. Foliar applied herbicides that have the necessary characteristics to move in the phloem will translocate to areas of the plant that are actively growing; however, not all foliar-applied herbicides move from the leaves that intercepted the spray solution. Herbicides that are absorbed but not translocated are called contact herbicides, while herbicides that translocate to shoot or root meristems are called systemic herbicides. Absorption and translocation of xylem mobile herbicides will be discussed in another lesson.
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  • La Transpiraci├│n - Movimiento del Agua a Trav├ęs de las Plantas La transpiración es la pérdida de agua en forma de vapor por las plantas. El agua es absorbida del suelo por las raíces y transportada en forma líquida por el xilema hacia las hojas. En las hojas,...
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  • Root Absorption and Xylem Translocation Overview: Herbicides must be absorbed into plants in order to be effective. Plant roots and below ground shoots have few barriers to herbicide absorption; however, interactions with soil particles ...
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  • Transpiration - Water Movement through Plants This lesson and its animation follows the journey of water through a plant from its uptake by roots to its evaporation from the leaf surface. How this journey is altered by plant characteristics such...
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